The Miami Mermaids are a unique trio of Miami based mermaids for hire - ooops, and a merman too! 

In 2007, Mermaid Medina came up with the idea after realizing that Miami was full of pools, but not utilizing them to their maximum potential. Voilá! The Miami Mermaids were born. 

Immediately after this revelation, Medina called on her good friend to ask if she wanted to get her feet wet with a fun concept. Without hesitation, Mermaid Misty was on board. 

Something was still missing though a MerMan the search was on. Several months later, Mermaid Misty tracked down the perfect man that was down with the skillz. The trio was set!

Miami Mermaids

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The Official Miami Mermaids Travel Case.     The Miami Mermaids after a gig in New York.                               The Miami Mermaids as "MermaidVampires" at their very first gig.



Since 2007, The Miami Mermaids have had the opportunity to be part of so many amazing parties and events. Some events even took them on a plane with their signature lime green water proof suitcase to the Hamptons in New York.

Their very first gig happened to be on Halloween, a favorite holiday of theirs. They decided to do things a little different and auction themselves off on eBay. The winning bidder would get to have the Miami Mermaids as Mermaid Vampires swim at their Halloween pool party. The trio watched as the bidding was about to close. With just minutes to go, they were happy to know that their very first gig would be going to someone they knew.  A party planner that would probably use the win for a client's party. Three, two, one.... WHAT? No! Another bidder jumped in and won. Who could this be?