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The mermaid diaries

Welcome MerFans to our diary page! This is our most favorite page of all on our entire website. You will find fun and crazy things to keep you occupied for hours. Please help us by sharing via Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest or on your favorite social media. Be prepared to see a treasure trove of Miami Mermaid photos, videos and more! Enjoy!

sony shoot on miami beach

Did you know that the Miami Mermaids do commercial work as well as parties? This was one of our most favorite's, so for that matter, it is at the very top of our Diary page. 

Miami Mermaids

For the Miami Mermaid segment watch at 2:22, (but please watch the whole thing - it's great!) the video was filmed with the Sony Cyber-shot RX1 Camera, Profoto Acute 600B with Profoto Softlight Reflector.

© By Brian

Sony Chain Reaction Photo Shoot Commercial

Piano Sand Bar photo shoot

Once upon a time there was a tiny little island in the middle of Miami's Biscayne Bay that achieved it's 15 minutes of fame and then some! A mysterious baby grand piano appeared on it's shores one night.

miami mermaids 

official travel case

We never leave home without it...our official lime green waterproof Miami Mermaid travel case.

It has frequent flyer miles stacked on it along with the scrapes and scratches of years and years of trusty use. 

vampire wine & 

mermaid vampires

Vampire Wine is a Halloween favorite so what happened when they needed a video? Miami Mermaids as Mermaid Vampires to the rescue!